If you’re looking for diverse group training classes in Mount Waverley, Anytime Fitness is the place for you. With a range of classes to choose from, we offer something for all ages, fitness levels & abilities. We keep our classes small, so our qualified personal trainers can give individuals the assistance they need.


BOX FIT – Have the speed, power and technique of boxing, but also the cardio & stamina of bodyweight exercises

HIIT – Take your fitness to the next level with this popular style of interval training.

CHALLENGER – Test both your physical and mental endurance…Are you up for the challenge?

FIT AF – Station based, challenging all parts of your body with a range of equipment and movements.

AB BLASTER – Target those abdominal muscles and flatten the stomach.

BOOTCAMP – Mixes all styles of training for a fun but challenging session that everyone will enjoy.

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